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What to Expect

You’ll be warmly welcomed into our warm, bright lobby by Jessica, who is ready to greet you with a smile. Elevate Chiropractic is an energetic, fun place to be for all ages. You can help yourself to the espresso coffee or organic fruit, and kids can enjoy their own area with a coloring table. We look forward to meeting you!


The First Day

We ask that you avoid intense exercise three hours before your appointment and stay away from caffeine, if possible. When you arrive, you’ll meet Dr. Tuzzolino for a thorough evaluation. A consultation gives us the opportunity to learn about your concerns and any factors in your life that may contribute to them. When it comes to your health, we don’t guess — we test, with a state-of-the-art computerized stress analysis, including:

  • A surface electromyography (SEMG)
  • A thermal scan
  • Heart rate variability testing

Dr. Tuzzolino also completes a structural analysis to understand your needs. In some cases, X-rays may be necessary and are taken on-site.

After this information has been collected, we’ll schedule a return visit to go over your results.


The Second Day

You’ll sit down with Dr. Tuzzolino to find out what we can help you with. We’ll go into detail to explain the source of the problem and what we can do. Together, we’ll discuss a plan of action to elevate your health back to where you want it to be. You’ll also receive information about the costs involved so that you can make the best decisions for your health.

Your first adjustment will be given on this visit.

The Decision to Continue Care

The frequency of your appointments is determined by our thorough assessment procedure. Rather than just considering how you feel, the testing we go through will show us exactly what your body needs to reach your particular goals. It’s always up to you how long you choose to benefit from care, and we respect your decisions.

Find Out More

Community outreach is important to Dr. Tuzzolino as it is a vital part of our mission. We hold several different talks both in and out of the office such as, Delivered, for expecting moms, The Perfect Storm: A Recipe For ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder and Autism, and Stress and Your Health.

We also welcome the opportunity to speak with organizations and groups in our community and often do talks about ear infections, ADD/ADHD and more.

Benefit from our advanced approach to state-of-the-art technology. Book your time with us today!

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