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Mom Empowerment

            A Special Message for our Elevate Chiropractic Mommas:


As I sit here with my baby strapped to me, I can’t help but be so grateful to be a mommy! Of course, there are days when we mourn our “old lives.” The one where it was just you that you had to worry about. Can you believe that we used to shower in peace without hurrying or hearing phantom cries?! What about driving without looking in the backseat every 5 seconds?! OR when we didn’t have snacks, diapers, and extra outfits with us at all times?!

But hey, none of that was worth it compared to raising children! ?

I never knew the sacrifices moms make daily until I became one. The lack of sleep, loads of laundry, extra cleaning, stressing over meals… And how do we just KNOW when something is wrong and exactly what our little ones need at all times?! It’s WILD!!!

So to the moms out there… THANK YOU. Thank you for being the most selfless human beings on planet Earth. Thank you for never complaining and LOVING soooo big! To the moms who give and give and give, thank you so much!

This Mother’s Day, we think about all of the women out there. The ones who are already mommas to amazing kiddos. The ones who are longing for a baby. The ones who have sweet heavenly angels. The ones who have adopted and the ones who are birth mommies. To the ones who have lost their mothers and the ones who have prodigal children. To the ones who are fulfilling the motherly role and the ones who have been motherless. You all are our heroes.

And as mothers always are, you are selfless. You have probably been the one who hasn’t started caring for yourself quite yet. Or the last one to sign up to get scanned at Elevate. BUT momma, your nervous system runs the household. You are the core. A regulated nervous system starts with you! Within the body, there are these really cool things called mirror neurons. These little helpers are designed to mirror what they feel. So whatever the state of mom, is also the state of our children! If you are feeling stressed and anxious, chances are that your sweet little ones are mirroring those feelings. So how can we help?!

For Mother’s Day, promise us that it’s your turn! To make it easy, we would love to gift you a complimentary CLA INSiGHT scan so that you and our amazing team of doctors can see exactly what your nervous system needs!

We’ve all put our children first… But now, no more excuses! It’s finally your chance to get under care here at Elevate! So to all our mommas of existing patients: The next time you’re in the office with your kiddos, schedule your COMPLIMENTARY May Mother’s Day scan! You pour into everyone else’s cup, so let’s fill yours and make sure that your nervous system is fully resilient and adaptable to all things motherhood brings with it!


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